Town of LodgeGrass
P.O. Box 255
Lodge Grass, MT 59050
Ph. 406.639.2362
Fax 406.639.9134
1911/1912     -    Land donated for public use by George H. and Sarah Pease.
                           The Town was still in Rosebud County at this time
Sept.12,1927 -  Town was Established
Oct. 4, 1927   -   Big Horn Co. Commissioners Canvassed the return of the election
                           The Board declared that the election carried for incorporation. The
                           Board set Nov. 7,1927 as the date for the holding of an election to
                           Elect a mayor and two aldermen from each of the two wards.
Nov. 9, 1927   -  The Board canvassed the results of the election and declared
                           John T. Ryan as the first mayor of the Town. Aldermen from the first
                           ward were Dave Pease and Charles L. Adams. Aldermen from the
                           second ward were Fred W. Given and Ben Lawrence.
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Regular City Council Meetings Held Second Tuesday of Every Month @ 6:30pm
Open to the Public. All Are Welcome
Outline of Town Events Pertaining to Incorporation